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Simple answers to frequent questions

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Frequently asked questions
We've listed responses to our most frequently asked questions in the section below.

  • No, My Mobile MD takes a unique approach to becoming medical partners. You do not have to give up your family doctor. If needed, we will work alongside your current family doctor to provide the greatest quality of care and coordination. While we welcome the opportunity to serve as your primary medical provider, you can choose to be seen by MY MOBILE MD only on an as needed basis if you so desire.

  • Yes, provided the resident is not seen by both providers in the same day.

  • No, we bill all primary and secondary insurances directly. If you have a current co-pay seeing your current primary care provider, you will likely have one with us. In other words, seeing us is just like seeing your family doctor in regard to billing and cost. The only requirement for us to serve you is to have all the necessary consents signed. If there is a Power of Attorney, (POA) then we need their signature and billing information

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